12th International Research and Academic Excellence awards (IRAEA-2022) is announced by Foundation of Innovative Research in association with Noval Research Foundation on 28th May 2022 in Thailand through Online Mode. IRAEA-2022 provides an International Platform to reach out to society with new build up and confidence. Using this platform, you can be an inspiration to other people in society to create a difference every day. We always encourage people who perform extraordinary activities in their life. IRAEA always commit to uplift and highlight your talent to whole world. IRAEA provides Certificates, Memento and Citation which can be used in all promotional collaterals by awardees.

 Don’t Miss the chance to highlight yourself and Nominate yourself using following link:

Nomination🗳️ Process

Nominations can be submitted by any individual using the following link:


Nominations can be submitted by an Organization using the following link:


Registration fees for IRAEA – 2021 can be submitted through following link (For Individuals):


Registration fees for IRAEA – 2021 can be submitted through following link (For College/University):


Categories 🏆

  • International Young Scientist Award 🏆
  • Best Paper Award 🏆
  • Best Paper Presentation Award🏆
  • Asian Young Scientist Award🏆
  • Best Principal/Director Award🏆
  • Academic Professional Award🏆
  • Best Thesis of the Year🏆
  • Best Innovation of the Year🏆
  • Best HoD Award🏆
  • Best Dean Award🏆
  • Best Vice Chancellor Award🏆
  • Best Registrar of University
  • Outstanding Professor of the Year🏆
  • Best Controller of Examination Award🏆
  • Outstanding Leadership Award🏆
  • Excellence in teaching Award🏆
  • Best Coordinator Award🏆
  • Outstanding Research Project Award🏆
  • Outstanding Performance Award🏆
  • Outstanding Patent/Copyright Award🏆
  • Best University Award🏆
  • Best College Award🏆
  • Outstanding Placements Awards🏆

Last date for nomination: 15th May 2022.
Registration Fees 💰

Best University Award            :     USD $700

Best College Award                :      USD $700

Other Awards                          :       USD $180

Registration fees is to be paid after approval of award.

For any query, please feel free to contact us:

Dr. Jack Daniel, Mb. +919718322373

email id – iciamr0012@gmail.com